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Home & Auto Insurance

Are Your Auto and Home Insurance Rates Too High?

Do you really know what you are covered for? Thousands of clients who made the switch to Dan Lawrie Insurance last year saved big! In fact, people that switched their combined auto and home insurance to Dan Lawrie Insurance last year saved on average, $740.00/year!

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Save yourself the time and effort of calling around for the best rate! With one single phone call to us, we’ll give you free comparison rates from over 15 of the top insurance companies in the marketplace! Just take a look at what we can insure for you!

So let us do the work for you in finding the best deal for your insurance! In fact, a 10 minute phone call to us could easily save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance!

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Collector Car Insurance

Hagerty Collector Auto Policy Features

  1. No Appraisals – In most cases Hagerty doesn’t require an appraisal.
  2. Low premiums – Hagerty provides coverage geared specifically to the car collector at rates considerably lower than standard policy premiums.
  3. Agreed Value Coverage – Hagerty offers an “Agreed Value” determined between you and the company when you insure your vehicle. If you suffer a covered total loss, you get the full value of your policy.
  4. Low Deductible – Hagerty offers a variety of deductible options tailored to fit your needs.
  5. Multi-Vehicle Liability Discount – Liability premiums decrease for each additional car on a Hagerty policy, up to 3.
  6. Flexible Usage – Drivers can enjoy their classics. Hagerty’s program allows for an occasional leisure drive, not just to parades or car events.
  7. Hagerty Plus Membership – With over 300,000 members, Hagerty Plus is the largest group of collector vehicle owners in North America. Members of Hagerty Plus benefit from flatbed roadside assistance and a variety of other services and resources geared to the interests and lifestyles of collector vehicle enthusiasts.
  8. Repair Shop of Choice – When a claim requires repairs, you can take your vehicle to any shop you want – anywhere. Or if you choose, Hagerty’s policy will pay you to make the repairs yourself.
  9. Coverage While Under Restoration – Protects your client’s classic and its increasing value during an active restoration project.
  10. Instant New Purchase Coverage – Unplanned purchases up to $25,000 receive immediate coverage on an existing Hagerty policy.
All coverages are not available in all provinces. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions, and endorsements.
What Qualifies

Hagerty offers insurance for collector vehicles that are used for limited pleasure driving, car shows, and club events. Hagerty offers liability, accident benefits, underinsured motorists and loss or damage* for a variety of vehicles at least 15 years old*, including:

  • Antique & Classic Vehicles
  • Lowriders
  • Military Vehicles
  • Modern Classics
  • Muscle Cars
  • Exotic and Special Interest*combined_collector_car_pic
  • Replicas
  • Street Rods
  • Antique Farm Tractors**
  • Trailers
  • Trucks
  • Vehicles Under Active Restoration
  • Antique Fire Trucks

About Hagerty

Hagerty Insurance Agency started out as a general lines insurance agency around 40 years ago. While insurance was their business, wooden boats and collector cars were their passion. The company saw a need for specialty insurance and in 1983 launched a revolutionary Agreed Value policy for classic boat owners. It was such a success that in 1991, Hagerty introduced specialty insurance for collector car owners. Today, they’re the world’s leading provider of collector car and boat insurance.

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High Value Homeowners Program


Let Our Experience Guide Your Next Insurance Decision.

Coverage that suits your lifestyle. A policy that gives you choices. Service that consistently earns high marks. And no surprises if you have to report a claim. For over a century, the hallmarks of Chubb Insurance have been innovation, quality protection and unparalleled service. When you couple Chubb’s benefits with the unique approach of our VIP Concierge Service, you have what we believe to be the finest combination of service and protection available today!

For the homeowner who wants exceptional value, there is really only one choice – Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers and Chubb Insurance. Your partners in offering the ultimate in VIP Service and Advice. For your personal, complimentary review, call Bob Lawrie – President at Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers today.


Proud Cornerstone Broker.
A prestigious designation recognized as a best-in-class Chubb Broker.

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Pet Insurance

Did You Know – you can purchase Insurance to cover your Pet?

Why do I need Pet Insurance?

With Pet Insurance you don’t have to worry about being faced with unexpected medical bills. You will be able to provide the best possible care for your pet when the unexpected happens.

Pet Insurance is a way to budget and control the cost of keeping your pet healthy. You’ll always know your monthly costs so you won’t be caught unprepared in the case of an emergency.

Did you know that many pets do not receive potentially life-saving treatments because the cost is too great for the owners to bear?


PetCare Pet Insurance Programs offer the following great benefits through their programs:

  • Guaranteed acceptance for all cats and dogs over the age of 8 weeks
  • A range of programs tailored to suit your budget and the needs of your pet
  • Flexible illness and unlimited accident coverage
  • Coverage includes prescribed medication, x-rays, surgeries, hospitalization, ultrasounds, chemotherapy, acupuncture and much more
  • Discounts available for multi-pet enrolments and micro chipped pets registered with 24 Pet Watch

Pet insurance allows you to provide your pet with the best possible care. Decisions regarding treatment are no longer complicated by financial restrictions. Treatments that may otherwise be unattainable can be provided without a second thought. Pet insurance makes your life, and that of your pet, more comfortable.

Flexible Range of Programs For Dogs and Cats. Insure your pets before anything happens.

For more information call one of our insurance professionals today at (905)525-7259 or Toll Free 1-800-661-1518

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