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Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers The professionals at Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers located in Hamilton, Ontario will help you answer these difficult questions. After a comprehensive needs analysis, we develop a plan with you that covers your investment needs. The plan is then put in place, monitored and amended as circumstances change. As the plan grows tax planning becomes an important component of the plan to consider. The right plan will well serve you and your legacy. Contact us today and join the many satisfied clients who rely upon our expertise to provide outstanding coverage, service excellence and long-term competitive premiums!

Am I old enough?
Am I rich enough?
How much will it cost?
All of these are legitimate questions. The fact is that if you’re thinking about it, you should explore further.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself. Our qualified estate planners can help you on the right track.
I want to know how much money we need to accumulate so that we can live on it for the rest of our lives.
I am comfortable with giving up control of my wealth while I am alive.
When it comes to money, the most important thing is me, my spouse, then my heirs and lastly, everyone else.
Because a certain amount of my wealth will eventually go to others (ie. Revenue Canada, Heirs or Charity) I want to take action to control the flow of this wealth.
If any of these questions have an impact on you, Estate Planning will help provide the answers that suit your particular situation. Remember there are many reasons and motivations for beginning an Estate Plan.
Reducing taxes while alive
Reducing taxes upon death
More money for my grandchildren and children
More money for me
More money for my favorite charity
Just tired of worrying about it

Business Succession Planning

Why is a Succession Plan is important to You?

Succession planning is a widely discussed, but seldom-accomplished exercise. It is, at it’s best, an ongoing and ever changing process that results in the design and monitoring of a plan to minimize taxes and enable the orderly transition of a business or a partnership.

Most business owners spend a lifetime building a business out of nothing more than sweat, effort, and a vision. However the pressures caused by the very things that built the business, often make it difficult to step back and objectively determine how to ensure the survival, and continuity of the business. Any one of several events could compromise, or even destroy what their hard work and vision has taken years to build.

A strategy to deal with your withdrawal from your business as a result of:
Orderly Sales Business
is THE desirable result of the succession planning process. The succession of your business affects not only you, the owner-manager, directly, but also your family, employees and customers. This is why we feel that the Succession Plan, that you build, is the foundation on which the future of your business can be built.
Our Approach and Process

Our firm approaches succession planning in an evaluative and consultative manner. By evaluating your current position and listening to your thoughts on the issues, we can then help to guide you as we examine the many questions, concerns, and issues that you will face in the process of building a succession plan
Concerns such as:

How do I successfully exit from my company in a manner that is suitable to me and my family?
Questions like:
What will be the taxation issues around succession?
How can I reduce or even transfer the tax liability?
Can I defer the liability?
At what cost?
Can I stop the liability from growing?

Issues around business agreements and corporate structure such as:

Are the current agreements in need of updating or changing? Are the agreements funded, and what are the options here? How do I equalize treatment for my heirs who are not involved in the business? What effect will all of this strategy have on my personal planning?

This is a brief overview of the process we feel will help you address the particular requirements of your family business, or closely held corporation; requirements that will have to be addressed at some point. Time is of the essence and this is an important project to undertake. At Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers, we will help you break it down that so that you will end up with the right plan; a plan that is custom-tailored for you, and by you, so that it satisfies your own personal objectives.

To get a free, no-obligation Estate Planning quote by phone, call Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers today at  1-800-661-1518 or fill out the form below.

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