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Top 4 Benefits to Having One Agent for All Your Insurance Needs

There are many advantages to having all your household insurance lines be handled by one insurance agent. It’s simpler to manage, more convenient, and it gives you peace of mind. Here are four of the top benefits to having one insurance agent: 1. More Insurance Options Working with an independent agent allows a much larger plan selection than with agents inside an insurance company. Company agents only offer plans from the company they’re representing, but an independent agent will help you shop plans from companies across the country without having to contact them all yourself. 2. Unbiased Advice Unlike agents who work for an insurance company, an independent agent isn’t vested in promoting any particular company to you. Because of this, they are open to giving you sound advice from a neutral standpoint and will equip you with enough knowledge to make informed…read more →

Why Choose DLIB for your International Insurance

The world is a complex place and you have a lot to worry about. It is critical that you have the confidence that the insurance broker you choose has the ability and resources to help you globally. We are pleased to present our latest Property and Casualty Newsletter! As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding international insurance. Saudi Arabia The Saudi Arabian market rebounded strongly last year after a tough 2013 which saw profitability dropping to unprecedented levels since liberalization around a decade ago. The market has witnessed a serious correction with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) putting strict measures in place to preserve market balances and protect policyholders and shareholders. In 2014, market premiums grew to SAR29.7 billion (US$7.9billion), a 21% jump over the preceding year, while net profits surged to SAR912…read more →

Real Estate Insurance Packages

Independent real estate brokers are often required to create contracts and work with both buyers and sellers handling high-dollar real estate transactions. Since we are all human, sometimes things happen and mistakes are made in the crafting of a contract that cause a transaction to go wrong. When this type of error occurs, you could be facing a potential lawsuit. Regardless of the size of your business, a lawsuit can cause financial ruin. To prevent this type of problem, it is a good idea to carry errors and omissions insurance. What is errors and omissions insurance? This type of coverage is called a business liability policy and is commonly known as E & O. Errors and omissions coverage may provide some of the following features: Coverage for prior acts – in some cases, your basic policy will cover acts that occurred…read more →

Life insurance beneficiaries: Making changes

When we first take out a life insurance policy, our priorities may be slightly different than they will be later in life. In many cases, we take policies when we are younger thanks to the lower cost afforded to us at a younger age. Oftentimes, it is customary for those who are single to designate a parent or another close relative as our beneficiary. It is common to forget about smaller life insurance policies as our life circumstances change. This means we often have policies with beneficiaries that no longer match what our real wishes are. Updating your beneficiaries: Why it matters When our life circumstances changes, the person we wish to manage our estate or receive monies from our estate often change. If you have not changed your beneficiary designation, the proceeds from a life insurance policy may go…read more →

Home Improvements: Is your Home Insurance Ready?

If you had to replace your home tomorrow would your insurance policy be sufficient to cover the costs? Oftentimes, we make improvements to our homes such as converting a basement into a room, adding new windows or doors or even upgrading our plumbing and electric systems. If you are like most homeowners, you have the same policy on your home you had the day you purchased it and that may be insufficient in the event you need to replace your home. What is replacement value? Replacement value is the amount of money it would take to replace your home in today’s market. The cost of rebuilding your home should include heating, plumbing and electrical costs as well as the cost of material and labor for rebuilding. In order to determine these costs, your local insurance broker will look into the…read more →

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