Ontario Auto Insurance Customized

To help stabilize rates, the Ontario government has implemented changes to auto insurance. Several measures are aimed at reducing fraud and abuse of the system, which increase premiums.As your lifestyle changes, so do your coverage needs. Regular reviews of your policy will ensure you have the coverage best suited to your lifestyle. LIFESTYLE QUESTIONS * Are there people in your life who depend on you financially or for care (children, elderly or disabled)? Consider extending your Caregiver Benefit and/or adding a Dependant Care Benefit. * Do you make more than $30,000/year? Consider increasing your Income Replacement Benefit to $600, $800 or $1,000. * Does your employer provide a Group Insurance Plan? Talk to your administrator to find out what you’re covered for and consider increasing your Medical Rehabilitation Benefit. Most benefit packages are limited to $500 a year per practitioner, and OHIP doesn’t cover…read more →

Condominium Insurance

  If you own a condominium or co-op, you have both common and personal insurance needs. We have the coverage solutions to help meet your unique homeowner needs. CONTACT US TODAY: Tel: 800-661-1518 What Protection Does it Offer? A condominium/co-op insurance policy is designed specifically to meet your unique homeowner needs, including coverage for your personal possessions, structural improvements made to your living space and additional living expenses incurred due to an accident. When selecting condo/co-op coverage, it’s important to determine what is covered by your association’s master policy and what items are your responsibilities. Typically, your condo/co-op association carries an insurance policy for common areas, such as the lobby, walkways, boiler, basement, etc. Property Protection A personal condominium/co-op policy will help to safe guard you from losses to your personal property and the interior of your unit. As such,…read more →

Prevent Water Damage Before It’s Too Late

Did you know that the cause of one of the most common homeowners insurance claims is completely preventable? No … it’s not fires or theft; it’s water damage. This is not damage due to flooding, heavy rain storms or snow on the roof—rather, it’s due to simple maintenance tasks that are often ignored or go unnoticed. Water Damage Prevention How does water damage occur? It’s simple: homeowners fail to check the connection between the water line and their washing machine or other similar appliances. Eventually, the connection fails, and water leaks into the home until someone discovers the mess. If this occurs while you are gone for the day at work or out of town, the damage could be extensive and expensive to fix. Sources of leaks include: Dishwasher hoses Automatic ice-maker lines Hot water heaters Washing machine hoses Hot…read more →

Home, Sweet (Temporary) Home

If a disaster covered under your Homeowners insurance wrecks your home, you don’t have to couch-surf until repairs are finished. The standard Homeowners policy will pay for loss of use or Additional Living Expenses (ALE) – such as rental and hotel costs – while your dwelling remains uninhabitable. Check out these guidelines for using this valuable coverage: Know the amount of your ALE. The Homeowners policy caps additional expenses as a portion of the Dwelling coverage (usually 20%) and sets a time limit, such as 12 months. If you believe that you’ll need more coverage, increase the amount before disaster strikes. Look for comparable digs. Staying in a hotel gets old rapidly, so you’ll want to get settled quickly. However, don’t decide too soon – you’re entitled to stay in a place that’s comparable in size and quality to your…read more →

Spotlight: Denise Martin

“Our family is a client of yours with our home and auto insurance policies. Wanted to single out Denise Martin who is on your team.  Denise continually exceeds expectations in communicating, explaining and making us feel quite frankly – like special people. The reason we shifted our business to you was we were tired of the “number” we became at TD Insurance. Denise immediately made us feel at home and makes the broker experience of trust and stewardship a reality. She knows her stuff and tells you quickly what works and what doesn’t. Quite simply amazing!! We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your organization in large part because of Denise.”Thank you Denise for being a  true ambassador of DLIB! Greg F.

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