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International Insurance Update – March 2017 Edition

International Insurance Update – March 2017 Edition

We are pleased to present our March 2017 edition of the International Property & Casualty Newsletter! The world is a complex place and you have a lot to worry about. It is critical that you have the confidence that the insurance broker you choose has the ability and resources to help you globally. If you have a need or question about international insurance or risk management, call us for assistance at 1.800.661.1518 or click here to contact us. Recent Successes Placed local General Liability, Pollution, Automobile, Umbrella and D&O policies for a manufacturer of specialty resins and polymers based in Quebec, Canada. Reverse Flow placement for large French optical store chain opening in North America. Global Piracy Piracy is one of the world’s oldest crimes and, despite some potentially encouraging statistics, maritime security analysts say it will never go away. Global piracy…read more →

Confronting Retail Violence

Confronting Retail Violence

Implement tools and policies to strengthen your teams ability in confronting retail violence. Workplace violence encompasses everything from a robbery to bullying, from threats and non-fatal injuries to homicide. Retail workers face a number of unique circumstances that put them at an increased risk for workplace violence, including: Handling cash Night-time shifts or finishing shifts after dark Presence of valuable merchandise Working solo Poor visibility in parking lots or when working behind store counters Workers can keep themselves safe by becoming educated about risk, being proactive and following the guidelines outlined in our Workplace Violence Prevention Program. Make sure to talk through the tenants of our Workplace Violence Prevention Program with workers and share the following information. Recognizing Risks Workplace violence can be divided into four general categories: Teach workers to contribute to the safety measures in place by recognizing…read more →

Liabilities for the Board of Directors

Non-profit organizations provide essential social services that benefit communities and their members. The vast majority of these organizations cannot survive without a volunteer board of directors assigned to elect officers, adopt policies and make major financial decisions for the organization. Although members of the board are volunteers, there is a certain amount of risk involved in holding one of these positions. Specifically, even when acting in good faith, board members are subject to personal liability, which may affect their personal financial status because of their management decisions. It is imperative that your organization and board of directors understand the risks involved with their responsibilities as board members and the ways in which they can protect themselves from personal liability. Risks and Responsibilities To combat the chance of affecting the personal liability of board members, non-profit organizations should assess the risks…read more →


Given the dramatic impact of social media on the speed and delivery of news and information, it makes sense to make this fast-growing technology part of your risk management program. More and more reputational crises — such as the recent stranding of the Carnival Triumph cruise ship — are born on social networking platforms and can grow exponentially if mishandled. Consider how Apple Inc. responded to consumer displeasure with the iPhone 4 shortly after its 2010 introduction. Negative comments about the product spread quickly over social media channels, but were largely ignored by Apple executives until mainstream news outlets began reporting on its flaws. Failing to actively engage social media users in conversations about crisis or business practice of your company means losing an invaluable opportunity to protect your reputation. Otherwise, you risk having other people tell your story. Social…read more →

Safety Inspections: An Ounce Of Prevention

Safety consciousness tends to slip over time – and it’s your responsibility to make sure that this doesn’t happen. A well-prepared and well-executed safety audit/inspection program can play a key role in your risk management by uncovering conditions and work practices that could lead to job accidents and industrial illnesses. Stated more positively, this means checking to see that things are in good shape. In addition to help preventing accidents, the inspection program will keep management informed about the “safety status” of your organization, provide a consistent method of recording observations, and reduce the possibility of important items being overlooked. Safety inspection tours are like preventive maintenance. Every piece of equipment wears down and deteriorates sooner or later, and needs to be checked. Similarly, employee work procedures fall into routines – some of them unsafe – over time, which means…read more →

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