Insurance for Sprinkler Contractors

When you are responsible for installing sprinkler systems, there may be some hidden liabilities that you had not considered. This is especially true if you install systems in business facilities. Too often, winter hazards occur that could result in you being held liable for damage to the property or for business interruptions. Reviewing your policies As we head into the winter, it is a good time to review all of your liability policies. You should make sure you have comprehensive coverage for any potential liabilities that you may face through the season. Some of the areas you should ask about include: Lawsuit coverage – ensure you have the proper coverage for potential lawsuits. Your insurer should be able to tell you if your insurance will cover the cost of your defense in the events you are facing a lawsuit. Coverage for…read more →

Pet Insurance: Why would I insure my pet?

According to the British Columbia Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animas (BCSPCA) the average cost of a healthy dog is nearly $2,000 a year for regular health issues. However, when a pet gets sick, is injured at a dog park or gets hit by a car, the unexpected bills that are the ultimate result can devastate a family. The high cost of pet disease and injury Let’s face it, the last thing we want to think about when our pet is hurt or sick is what it is going to cost to take care of them. However, these costs are very real and unless you have planned ahead of time for veterinary services, you could potentially drain your savings to pay for your pet’s care. This option in typically far less painful than the alternative: Not having your pet’s…read more →

3 Items That Help Employees Handle an Accident

After an accident, the driver and passengers usually find it difficult to think straight. No matter how many times everyone has gone over what to do after a collision, it can be difficult to remember the right steps. You can help your fleet drivers respond appropriately by fitting each vehicle with an emergency response kit. The kit should include a pen and notepad, camera and contact sheet. These items will help your driver process the accident scene appropriately to help you obtain fair compensation for the damage. Continue reading to learn more. Notepad Drivers must record all of the other parties’ insurance and contact information. Having a notepad and pen readily available makes it easy to write down information gathered at the accident scene. Insurance companies need the other driver’s name, address, phone number, license plate number, driver’s license number…read more →

Man arrested, charged in connection with Ontario auto insurance scam

Toronto Police Service officers arrested a man outside of his home in Edmonton this week in connection with an insurance scam. On Tuesday, police arrested Serafattin (George) Solak after receiving a Canada-wide warrant from the Ontario Crown Attorney’s office. During the arrest, officers seized fraudulent Aviva Canada motor vehicle insurance liability cards, according to a release from the insurer. The company said it  provided evidence of fraudulent activity leading to Solak’s arrest. Earlier this summer, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario issued a public warning that Solak was “soliciting insurance business through ads on Craigslist and is misrepresenting himself as an insurance broker.” According to a release from Aviva Canada, Solak has now been charged with: 1 count of Fraud over $5,000 13 counts of Fraud under $5,000 8 counts of Uttering a Forged Document 4 counts of Misleading Receipts 8…read more →

Teens: Parents don’t know about driving behaviour

Canadian parents and teens have far different perspectives on adherence to graduated driver licensing laws, according to a new State Farm survey. The findings suggest parents of teen drivers believe their teens are following GDL laws more methodically than teens report. They also suggest parents monitor their teens’ adherence to GDL laws more than teens report. But one thing they agree on: The most likely cause of teens flouting GDL rules is peer pressure. “The survey findings highlight the need for greater dialogue about teen driver safety within families, communities and with public policy makers,” State Farm Canada public affairs manager Sam Palmerio said. “Car crashes are the leading cause of death for Canadian teens and GDL laws are critical to reducing high-risk driving situations. With the right focus and conversational tone, we can empower teens to consistently make smart…read more →

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