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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: how’s your estimating skill?

Getting the job. It’s a tough task where too much optimism can cost dearly, too little can cost receiving the bid. If too many low bids occur, who’s responsible to the stockholders? Because the construction industry works by a bidding system rather than a negotiated contract, errors can be difficult to remedy. Leaving out the painting number on a half-million foot office building costs dearly. Computerization of the bid process has helped and hurt. The program will not allow forgotten inputs, but people tend to believe a computer generated number. Quality control for bids is essential for survival, both for the estimator and the executives. The estimator calculates the bid, but the executive signs the contract. The decision to sign the contract drives the scrutiny if money is lost. Directors and officers insurance protects the executive financially when stockholders seek…read more →

Absenteeism in the workplace

It happens to the best of us.  We get sick, we get burned out, a family emergency comes up, or maybe we become chronically ill.  In any case, frequent absenteeism within the scope of your employment costs your company and the industry a lot of money.  How much money?  The average hourly employee costs the company about $3,600 a year for all unscheduled absences and $2,650 for employees who are salaried. Reasons for absenteeism Illnesses.  Illness can include injuries, appointments, and anything related.  Reported illness is the number one reason for absenteeism.   Chronic illness include, depression, cancer, asthma, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart ailments. Chronic injuries include neck and back issues top the list for injuries. Depression.   Depression (treated or not) can lead to alcoholism and substance abuse. Burnout.  Burnouts can include stress and low morale. …read more →

Retiring in Ontario: Addressing the pending pension crisis

More than 3 million Ontario workers are staring at a bleak and hungry old age because they haven’t saved enough for retirement. Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne wants to change what she calls “the emerging retirement income crisis” with her proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan ORPP. The centre-piece of the Liberal election platform is a mirror image of the Canada Pension Plan that would double the retirement income of recipients. “Not saving enough means a significant portion of the population is facing a diminished quality of life in retirement,” the party argues in a paper posted on its website. “Voluntary measures are not enough. Retirement security is too important to do nothing.” Wynne isn’t exaggerating the low rate of savings in Ontario and Canada. A 2013 study by CIBC found Canada’s household savings rate has dropped steadily from 15-20 per cent…read more →

Is a group pension plan the right thing to do for your employees?

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to have a company sponsored pension plan. Our pension specialists can help you out. Our group pension services include: working with the employer to establish the ‘plan of action’ for the plan to follow determining the best plan based on employer/employee needs developing a model that ensures the plan remains compliant to the guidelines of good governance communication materials ongoing service financial planning for employees Contact us today and join the many satisfied clients who rely upon our expertise to provide outstanding coverage, service excellence and long-term competitive premiums! Content provided by Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers.   Dan Lawrie is the name you can trust for insurance.  Services and locations ranging from covering your Hamilton auto and home or your Burlington business, we can take care of you.  Do you have…read more →


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