Auto Insurance

Fall Auto Tune-Ups Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle

Whether you drive a vehicle that’s hot off the assembly line or one that’s old enough to be an antique, you want your car to last a long time. A fall tune-up helps you achieve your goal. It also maximizes fuel efficiency, prevents expensive repairs and ensures your vehicle runs properly all winter. Read the Owner’s Manual In the back of your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you’ll find a tune-up checklist. Follow it carefully as you ensure you repair and inspect all the essential areas of your vehicle this fall. Fix the Brakes Your mechanic should inspect the brakes for wear and ensure the brake lights on your vehicle work properly. Change the Oil Your vehicle’s engine requires engine oil as it operates smoothly. Top off the oil this fall or invest in a complete oil change, especially if you’ve driven…read more →

Intact and Uber Team Up to Create Canada’s First-Ever Ride Sharing Insurance Policy

On September 8, 2015, Intact Financial Corp. announced that it is partnering with Uber  Technologies Inc. to develop ride-sharing auto insurance for the very first time in Canada. Intact plans to offer and market this new type of policy under its two largest brands, Intact Insurance and belairdirect. Uber Technologies created the mobile app Uber, a ride sharing service that lets customers order and pay for passenger transportation on demand. In turn, any individual can become an Uber driver by signing up with proper driving documentation and earn compensation by providing rides to customers. The app has quickly gained popularity since its launch in 2009 and operates in over 100 cities around the world. Ride Sharing Services: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks? Uber’s ride sharing service, however, has raised questions and concerns about auto insurance coverage in recent years….read more →

The 4 Important Facets to Motorcycle Insurance

Traversing by motorcycle through Canada’s grand terrain is an awesome experience to behold. Motorcycle riding, however, can pose greater accident risk than driving a traditional vehicle. Because of this, motorcycle insurance is required by Canadian law in order to ride. When shopping for motorcycle insurance, look for these four essential components that come standard with every policy. Accident Benefits protect the rider in case of accidental injuries. They provide financial coverage for income loss, medical expenses, disability, and funeral costs if the need arises. These benefits will always cover the insured regardless of who is at fault, and the amount that it covers can be increased by optional insurance applications. Third-Party Liability covers the rider if they are at fault for property damage or harm to another person. Canadian law requires the coverage amount to be at least $200,000, but an amount of 1 to…read more →

How Drunk Driving Affects Your Auto Insurance

Statistics Canada reported that in 2011 over 90,000 impaired driving incidents occurred in the country, a 2% increase from the previous year. How does drunk driving affect auto insurance, and what do you need to be aware of? This Q&A of commonly asked questions will help equip policyholders with the right information. Q. What happens to my insurance if I’m charged with impaired driving? A. Getting charged with impaired driving can deal a heavy blow on your insurance. Any previous discounts you may have had for safe driving would disappear, and your premium payments would no doubt be higher. You might even lose your entire coverage. The reason being is that drunk driving equals high-risk driving in the insurance industry, and high-risk driving results in much greater chances for accidents. Q. If I had a previous impaired driving charge, can I still get…read more →

Top 4 Benefits to Having One Agent for All Your Insurance Needs

There are many advantages to having all your household insurance lines be handled by one insurance agent. It’s simpler to manage, more convenient, and it gives you peace of mind. Here are four of the top benefits to having one insurance agent: 1. More Insurance Options Working with an independent agent allows a much larger plan selection than with agents inside an insurance company. Company agents only offer plans from the company they’re representing, but an independent agent will help you shop plans from companies across the country without having to contact them all yourself. 2. Unbiased Advice Unlike agents who work for an insurance company, an independent agent isn’t vested in promoting any particular company to you. Because of this, they are open to giving you sound advice from a neutral standpoint and will equip you with enough knowledge to make informed…read more →

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